If you become disabled, your ability to earn income may be compromised, and your ability to pay bills or save for retirement may decline. We are available to help you meet your income requirements through disability insurance, so you can concentrate on recovering from your disability and returning to an active life.

How can you insure against a loss of income? Disability income insurance can replace that lost income. Disability insurance pays an insured person an income when the person is unable to work because of an accident, injury or illness.

Something to think about!
  1. Your greatest asset is your ability to work and earn an income
  2. Disability can and does happen at a time you least expect it
  3. Income decreases or stops and expenses increase after disability strikes
  4. There are no acceptable alternatives to a disability income policy for protecting your income.

At the age of 30, a person is about three and one-half times more likely to suffer long term disability than death; at age 40, the likelihood of disability is approximately three times greater; and at age 50, chances of disability are twice as great.

It is very important to get the proper disability income policy. Some policies pay benefits if you are unable to perform the duties of your own occupation. Others pay only if you are unable to perform any job suitable for your education or expertise. These policies can pay you from the period of 2 years up to age 70 depending upon which disability policy you choose.

A Disability Specialist would be glad to go through the different types of policies offered and find one that matches your needs.

The 1988 issue of Financial Advisor magazine in an article entitled, “Cast of Thousands” reports that the need for disability protection has increased. “The four leading killers of those 45 to 65 years old – hypertension, heart disease, cerebrovascular disease, and diabetes – now are more likely to disable than kill. Between 1960 and 1979, there was a 32 percent decline in death rate for all four maladies, but a 55 percent increase in chronic long term disability.” While life spans are getting longer, it’s due in large part to sustaining a lengthy disability instead of death.

**Source: Disability Income, the sale the product the market 2nd edition by Jeff Sadler